Absolutely! All online products are also sold at the festival themselves. We do regularly sell out, especially when it comes to popular camping gear. We therefore recommend ordering online so you don't miss out.

Tents and sleeping packages can be delivered delivered to you. 

On the productpage of tents and sleeping packages you can select at which festvial you'd like to pick up your order. 

Up until 5 days before the festival. After that, we can not guarentee that your orders contents won't be sold out before you stop by. If you do order late, make sure you drop by as soon as possible. 
You're able to pay using iDeal, Creditcard, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay.
At the festival we are limited to the festival's payment methods. At Wildeburg for example coins are used. On the festival grounds you (usually) can not pay using cash or card.

You can pick up your order throughout the weekend: from 0700 AM until 3 AM. We open as soon as the campgrounds open. 

Usually we can be found near or on the campgrounds, but this differs between festivals. Keep an eye on your email or ask around the festivals infopoint and you'll find us in no-time.

Yes, let us know by shooting a message to jessica@tentenzo.com.

Ordering online is usually cheaper than buying at the festival. Prices at the festival are determined by the festival's used currency (coins, tokens etc.). The base value of the currency affects our pricing. 

We only sell quality products. If you do happen to have issues it's best to stop by our shop so we can try to fix up the issue immediately.